EIFORCES Delegation Visits the Rwanda Peace Academy

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A delegation from the International School for Security Forces /Ecole Internationale des Forces de Securité  (EIFORCES) in Yaoundé (Cameroon) yesterday, Thursday 11 July 2019, visited the Rwanda Peace Academy (RPA). The delegation was led by Brigadier General Bitote André Patrice, the Director General of EIFORCES. He was accompanied by Divisional Commissioner Oyono Cécice and Lieutenant-Colonel Njoya Moutapbemo Mannoni Thierry.

The purpose of the visit was to discuss with the RPA issues relating to the putting in place of the Executive Committee of the African Peace Support Trainers Association (APSTA) and to explore possible areas of bilateral cooperation.

They were received by Colonel Jill Rutaremara, the Director of the RPA, who briefed them on the programmes and activities of the Academy before touring the RPA facility.

The EIFORCES is currently providing the staff to man the APSTA Transitional Secretariat pending the recruitment of the Secretariat staff by the Board of Directors. Last year, the Government of the Republic of Cameroon formally agreed to host the APSTA Secretariat and to provide financial support amounting to one million dollars (USD 1,000,000) annually as well as providing diplomatic status to the senior personnel of APSTA Secretariat. APSTA membership comprises largely peacekeeping training institutions in Africa. The RPA is a member of APSTA and sits on the APSTA Board of Directors.