Dr Marco Jowell's other Advisory and Research Activities

 Editing of and input into the RPA Strategic Plan (2016 – 2017)

 I provided an examination, modifications and edits of the RPA Strategic Plan 2016 – 2017. This included the design of the RPA vision, mission and objectives; a realistic assessment of financial requirements over the five years, suggestions on strategy; analysis of the operational environment and a SWOT analysis.

 Course Delivery and Design

I was a facilitator on the PoC and Kigali Principles course in November 2016 and I developed a course concept note and post-course evaluation note (see above). I was part of the RPA team designing the Genocide, Mass Atrocity Crimes and Transitional Justice Course, for which I will be a facilitator in May 2017.

 External Engagement

 I have engaged with a number of different actors with a view to building partnerships, support and collaboration for the RPA. Actors I have engaged with are the British Peace Support Team – Eastern Africa (BPST) in Nairobi, the British High Commission in Kigali, the International Peace Support Training Centre (IPSTC) in Kenya, the Kofi Anan International Peace Support Training Centre (KAIPTC) in Ghana and academia.

 Public Relations

I have provided detailed comments and suggestions on the RPA Public Relations Document – Support to the Rwanda Peace Academy and its Impact.

 Research Trips

 I conducted research visits to Kigali and liaised with RDF Headquarters to conduct interviews on Rwandan experiences in PSO. I also conducted a research trips to Kenya to collect data for research and advisory products.


I have remained ‘on call’ to provide formal and informal advice on a number of different issues. This has taken many forms such as face to face and email advice, developing speaking notes, editing and commenting on documents as required and providing the RPA with on-going support when needed.




The RPA plans to carry out research aimed largely at orienting and enriching its training programs.

Currently the RPA is building a research platform; identifying areas and themes for research as well as experienced institutions and individual to partner with or hire.