About Rwanda Peace Academy

The Rwanda Peace Academy (RPA) is a regional peacekeeping training and research institution under the Ministry of Defence. It is recognized by the Eastern Africa Standby Force (EASF) as one of its regional peacekeeping training centres.


To be a Peace Support Operations (PSOs) and Peace building, Training and Research Centre of Excellence.


To provide internationally recognised professional training courses and educational programmes informed by applied research to equip military, police and civilian personnel, predominately from the Eastern Africa region, with the relevant knowledge, competencies and skills needed to effectively participate in Peace Support Operations and peace building initiatives.

  The objectives of the RPA are:

(1)  To assist in the development and effectiveness of the EASF; AU missions and APSA; UN PSOs and regional capacity in peace and security issues through training.

(2) To develop a system of training informed by applied research and international best practice of specific, relevant and contextual elements of contemporary PSOs.

(3)  To fully develop the physical infrastructure including necessary training and accommodation facilities.

(4)  To fully develop the organizational infrastructure and capable departments with clear roles and functions that are fully staffed.

(5) To institutionalize a management system and standard operating procedures.

(6)  To develop a viable financial, resource management and sustainability strategy.

(7)  To share best practice, lessons and activities with other PSO training centres and partners.


Peace and Security for Sustainable Development.

Core values

Excellence, Transparency, Accountability and Respect for diversity.